(add 10 euros, if clients from hotel Riu Touareg*)


We start your trip from Rabil oasis, Fonte Vicente, Cural Velha; and relax at Ervatoa beach for swimming. Then pass Cabeca Tarafas, and stop for lunch in Fundo das Figueiras (a small village, north of the island where the first president of Cabo Verde was born).

Monday and Friday.

Adult 45 euros     Children 30 euros

All inclusive: car, lunch, guide


The big coral banks formed along the years various ship wrecks along the coast. Visit the famous spanish cargo ship Cabo-Santa-Maria which was wrecked on the north coast in 1968.
Before then, you will also visit the Ceramic School, the Desert of Viana and finally, the first church of Boavista, Saint-Roque, built in 1801.

Tuesday and Saturday.

Adult 25 euros     Children 15 euros


We start from Rabil, the same town that has the international Airport. Then move directly to the oldest town of the island POVACAO VELHA with her history. And then, drive to one of the most beautifull beaches of the world, SANTA MONICA.
We spend one hour for swimming, with a stop at VARANDINHA to visit a big cave (Buracona) on our way back.

Sunday and Wednesday.

Adult 25 euros     Children 10 euros


The heart and the capital of Boavista SAL REI will interest you. There, you can find the christian church, the boy’s school, the fish market , the old jewish family house, and nice shops for your shopping.

Adult 15 euros     Children 10 euros

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